"Bending Fenders and Making Friends "

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All Cars And Trucks Painted By Admin Taz Raasch

"It's a never ending battle of making your cars better and also trying to be better yourself."




"I've had confidence in myself all along. It was just a matter of getting the pieces back in place."



*We cover the server, although... donations are greatly appreciated...

180 Proof Sim Racing uses NRT Games Servers to run both rFactor 2 and ARCA Sim Racing X for our races. As of now, we run Cup and our IROC trucks only, but are actually looking to run the Stadium Supers Trucks at a later date.

When we run ARCA Sim Racing X, we run our IROC Series Trucks (Silverados, F150s, Rams and Tundras)

NRT Game Servers has been racing servers since the late '90's when we ran BOARS Sim Racing and have continued to be a great friend. Their servers include rFactors 1 and 2, ARCA X, Automobilista, Assetto Corsa, Project Cars 1 and 2 and even a "First Person Shooter" package... ALL at prices that can't be beat!!! Dave Stanley's customer service is top notch and you won't even have to "Press 1" for English!!!

Click the NRT Game Servers logo above for more...


*Purchase required and available in the Steam Store...

Some will say that rFactor 2 is very similar to iRacing, while some say iRacing is similar

to rFactor 2...

We say they're both great, but rFactor 2 don't keep picking at your $$.

We're looking forward to seeing some of our old friends from the AOLL, BOARS and

TNT leagues, along with making new racing friends. 

Click on the rFactor 2 logo above and go get it if you haven't already. Once you have

your Steam and rFactor 2 accounts setup, contact us and we'll get ya setup to run...

Looking forward to some fun and competitive racing!!!


You can help 180 Proof Sim Racing continue with a small donation to help continue racing. Our monthly goal is $65 to cover all expenses.

ALL donations are secure and are strictly for the purpose of continuing 180 Proof Sim Racing.

Thank you for your support!!!


*Free to join the Steam Community...

Everybody that knows online gaming... of all kinds... knows Steam.

Although our ARCA Sim Racing League does not use Steam, our rFactor 2 league does. Some of us also use it for other games run on Steam to "break up the monotony" of racing... 'cause we love plenty of other types of games. If you don't already run rFactor 2 and are planning on it, you'll need Steam to purchase it and to run it.

Click the Steam logo above and make a name for yourself (it's free), then hit the "Store" and grab ya rFactor 2... 

When you're finish, send us a message and tell us you're ready to run some laps!!!


*Download is free, although donations are appreciated to maintain the game...

 We've run this sim since they started. We do have the Cup and Grand National cars also,

but will run those on rFactor 2.

ARCA Sim Racing X (ASRX) was created in the winter of 2014-2015 after updates to the XPatch

were abandoned. Community members who had previously provided add-on tracks, the spotter

plugin, and Sim File Fetcher worked together to combine ARCA08 and the XPatch. Once the

ARCA car and Trucks were successfully merged, they created Cup and Grand National cars.

Stock Car Evolution (SCE) donated the car bodies and the complete package was made available

using the new ASRX Launcher in January 2015.

In 2016, the Cup car was modified to simulate the low-downforce package introduced by NASCAR.

In 2017, the Cup car was modified again to keep up with lower-downforce aeronydamics introduced


Rob Cobb of Bert Software developed and maintains the site.  League admins have accounts on

the site that they use to publish schedules and post results.  ARCASimRacingX.com is a free

download, but donations are greatly appreciated to continue and maintain the sim.


All of our cars in rFactor 2 use the templates from these gentlemen at Splash N' GO Graphics. They shown to have to better templates that go into lots of detail in the paint.

Templates can be opened with most paint/photo programs from Paint Shop Pro to GIMP. 

All cars and paint jobs in rFactor 2 were painted by me, Taz Raasch. 

I wouldn't use any other template for any sim other than these from Splash N' GO...

They make it too easy!!!

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